Learn and Master Ballroom Dance Review

Learn and Master Ballroom Dance

If Dancing With The Stars lights your fire, Legacy Learning System’s Learn and Master Ballroom Dance will seal the deal and have you moving gracefully and rhythmically to all those great ballroom tunes. Learning to dance by DVD instructions really works. It’s fun, made much easier by a great video curriculum and learning at home makes for about as comfortable a learning experience as could be had. New and intermediate ballroom dancers can learn from dynamic professional instructors as they practice and smooth the moves on their own schedules in their own homes. There’s no pressure to keep up with the class, and students can start with any of the six critical ballroom dances taught by the program.

The creators of these beautifully crafted lesson plans knew what they were doing when they used Mark Short and Jaimie Simon as the instructors. Learning from them is fun, exciting and very stimulating, not to mention healthy exercise. Every lesson plan instills the experience and confidence students need to step on the floor and strut their stuff.

We tried several “learn to ballroom dance” programs and found Learn and Master Ballroom Dance to be far and away the best, but we have included a review of our second choice, Louis let’s Dance, so new dance enthusiasts can compare for themselves.

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Dance Instruction
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Mark Short and Jaimie Simon are the real deal. Jaimie is from Nashville. She is a ballroom dancer extraordinaire, teacher, choreographer, performer and actress who has won a World Title in the Open 8 Dance division. She is graceful, beautiful and passionate about ballroom dancing. Jaimie will make all her students feel like they are Dancing With the Stars, because they are!

Mark is an accomplished dancer and teacher and was a U.S. Rising Star Finalist early in his career. Mark and Jaimie will be making a run for national honors this year. The dynamic duo brings the joy of ballroom dance to each and every ballroom dance lesson.

While the instructors have tons of personality, dances are still presented professionally. Students will benefit from the instructor’s contagious enthusiasm. That sense of enjoyment and calm, patient teaching style permeate each class and fill your home practice area with all the right energy.

Students will not only see how each figure and step should be exercised but they will learn to understand the importance of tempo, rhythm and moving together. As beginners and intermediates observe the couple, they will come to understand the thrill of true ballroom dancing.

And, Jaimie and Mark are fun to be around. They’ll have students laughing, moving, listening and feeling like they are in the room, teaching every move. Quite simply, Jaimie and Mark are the best of all the video instructors.

Ease Of Use
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Learn and Master Ballroom Dance is an exciting package that is shipped to students at their physical address. This is not a download and learn-to-dance-overnight sales pitch. This Legacy Learning Course is a serious instructional program designed to get beginners and intermediate dancers on the floor and comfortable with the Cha Cha, The Rumba, The Foxtrot, the Waltz, the Tango and Swing.

Students will relate quickly to the spectacular instructors. The DVDs are so well organized that the classes progress well and material is easily digested. With the CD’s, students can either opt to practice on their own or can choose to rehearse right along side the teachers.

The productions are first-rate, the step-by-step instruction is great and the quality and atmosphere of the classes is so constructive that students will graduate to the dance floor quickly and beam with confidence when they get there. Learning to ballroom dance is not difficult and learning in the comfort of home takes all the pressure of expensive instructors out of the equation.

Learning to dance is more than just memorizing steps. Learning to ballroom dance takes practice and patience. One of the great features of video dance lessons is that students can return and polish their moves. This is a program for students who really want to learn ballroom dancing and then intend to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Keep it simple, let is always be fun and soon all Learn and Master Ballroom Dance students will be dancing their nights away!

Learning Materials
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Course materials include 13 DVDs, 6 CDs and a visual aid workbook complete with all the steps and dance positions for each figure. This book lets students visualize the moves and rehearse the steps at their own pace. The workbook compliments the dance-along DVDs and musically coordinated CDs and serves as a quick reference guide when questions arise.

The six CDs are compilations of the music used on the DVDs. The selections are perfectly suited for private rehearsals of whichever ballroom dance the student is practicing. The CD’s allow students the opportunity to put their visual aids to work at their own pace. There’s no classroom pressure here! Students have varied tempos and plenty of variety to sweeten their learning enjoyment.

Most beginners tend to start slowly and pick up the pace as they move through the classes. Many intermediate dancers jump right in and concentrate on a particular dance. Whatever the student’s dancing experience, Learn and Master Ballroom Dance has the right curriculum.

The 13 DVDs are at the core of the program’s learning experience. The Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, Waltz and Swing steps that students see on television are just a few rehearsals away.

Each DVD dance lesson begins with an explanation of the timing and immediately sets the correct posture. These two critical elements not only get the student in the proper mindset, but also get students ready for stage two of each dance.

Stage two of each dance class explains three figures for the dance and then takes the student through the steps of those figures. By then, students will already know why Learn How to Ballroom Dance is the most popular ballroom dance video on the market. Students can learn either the front and back or lead and follow perspectives.

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There are less expensive programs. However, aspiring students should check the site regularly because discounted offers are posted regularly. Just like ballroom dancing, aspiring students are rewarded for being in the right place at the right time.

While not the least expensive video dance program, the Learn and Master Ballroom Dance has more value than any other teaching ballroom dance video. Where else can students get Jaimie, Mark, 13 DVDs, 6 CDs, an illustrated workbook and a user-friendly support network?

For dancers-to-be who want to learn and keep improving their ballroom figures, Legacy Learning’s Learn and Master Ballroom Dance is an unparalleled dancing experience.

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Legacy Learning Courses are renowned for their online support and Learn and Master Ballroom Dance is no exception. The student support site is where teachers and students come together in friendly online forums to discuss music, dance, figures, steps and whatever else comes to mind.

The teachers are often available online and they genuinely seem anxious to help. The support network includes plenty of student interaction as well. By the time students finish their first dance and have used the forums to clarify their questions, they usually feel like they have a whole new ballroom of friends.

The forum encourages participation of students at all levels of ballroom dancing. This mix adds to the fun and the learning experience. As usual, the Legacy Learning support site for Learn and Master Ballroom Dance is up and running 24/7.

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