Ballroom Dancewear

Busting the right moves when doing the Samba, Tango or perhaps a round of Foxtrot requires a special ballroom dancewear to give you the freedom of movement to really impress the audience when you’re working the dance floor.

While there is no golden rule regarding what getup to wear when shaking and grooving to the music, most professional dancers recommend going for clothes and shoes that are comfortable and not cumbersome. Keep in mind that you need to sway your hips, kick up your legs and dance like there’s no tomorrow without worry!

With ballroom dancing making an unprecedented comeback these days, lots of people across the United States are getting off their couches to enroll in a few courses. And just like having the proper gear in gym class to fully participate in the activities involved, there is also an essential ballroom dancewear to give you the movement and grace you require without hurting yourself in the process.

Let’s start with the footwear. Seasoned pros tip off that a superb pair of shoes is the most important item for a dancer. Apart from offering extra balance and support to let you do even the most fantastic dips, jives and pivots, you’re also guaranteed to remain as comfy as can be all the while strutting your stuff.

Ideally, you should have shoes with suede or leather soles that fit closely but doesn’t restrict the movement of your toes, soles and ankles. They should be light and easy on the feet, too. Always go for footwear that sport wider straps, steady heels and soft cushion pads since they are more unlikely to stretch out of shape and give you a nasty spill one way or another.

Before we start with the second part, which is clothing, here’s a quick trivia: do you know the reason why ballet dancers typically wear leotards during performances? To show their body alignment in the best possible way, that’s why.

While dancing the Quickstep or Jitterbug isn’t as dramatic as ballet, a proper garb is still required to complete your foolproof ballroom dancewear. Likewise, it is very essential to wear something that won’t ride up at the shoulder and make you look like you’ve raised your shoulders even if you haven’t and nothing too tight or too loose that can hamper and distort your movements.

Of course, a certified ballroom dancewear won’t be complete without styling your hair. Whether you’re male or female, styling your hair in a simple yet stable ‘do is the way to go. If you have long locks, it is best if you wear it in a secure bun without a hair out of place for an added wow factor. Add a touch of makeup and a bit of accessories here and there and you’re sure to dazzle the crowd each time you perform!

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