Ballroom Dance Shoes

Shaking and grooving to your favorite ballroom dance is meant to be fun, energetic and exciting. It can be awfully painful and difficult though with the wrong choice of ballroom dance shoes. Choosing the perfect footwear doesn’t just mean impressing the crowd with your graceful sways and holds, it also conveys an atmosphere of utmost confidence and sophistication.

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However, with so many options available online and off, it’s really important to know what kind of ballroom dance shoes to zero in on to give you the most support and protection when you take on the floor. Although style and finesse are key factors in picking the ideal pair, shopping for ballroom dance shoes require more than just an eye for aesthetics.

Simply put, ballroom dance shoes come in a huge variety of styles, each manufactured to the specific customs of a particular type of dance from Two-Step to Foxtrot, as well as Rumba to the Lindy Hop. Landing on a great pair of ballroom dance shoes can guarantee a breathtaking performance, while opting for bad ones can almost instantly lead to disaster (and make your ballroom lessons even more difficult).

Are you ready to shop for new ballroom shoes to rock the dance floor with? Here are some important things you should know before even heading out to your local department store and grabbing ones that you like:

There is a pair for every dance style. Make sure you choose your footwear appropriately according to the dance style that you prefer.  Besides exuding an air of elegance and glamour, ballroom dancing is also known for its exquisite fashion, not mentioning the variety of shoes that you can choose from. While there are some ballroom dance shoes that tend to be more elevated with slim heels for quick twists and snappy footwork, models that feature a much shorter height with wider soles for extra balance and support are also available.

Keep your soles in check. Ballroom dance shoes feature a number of distinctive soles to provide the utmost comfort and protection even when performing the toughest routines. Suede soles, new or well-brushed, give a good amount of traction especially on the standard hardwood ballroom dance floors. On the other hand, leather soles tend to be more slippery than their suede counterparts but are definitely a good choice if you don’t want to spend as much on ballroom dance shoes.

Simplicity is beauty. Just as the adage goes, ballroom dance shoes don’t have to be too fancy just to get down to business. Steer clear from models that highlight unnecessary accents like wavy tassels and sharp trimmings since the risk of tripping and injuring yourself while having these on is much higher.  Instead, keep in mind going for a pair that doesn’t hamper the movement of your ankles and allows a comfortable room for your toes to wiggle for maximum breath-ability.

Your feet need TLC, too. If a pair of ballroom dance shoes you’ve got your eyes on do not fit properly and immediately cause pain the moment you try them on, then it’s time to look for another option. Most experienced professionals suggest that it is also a smart idea to pick models that do not aggravate performance-related injuries such as blisters as well as worsen foot complications like bunions, plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia, among others.

Put two and two together. Bringing the outfit that you’re going to wear with the ballroom dance shoes is a smart method of judging how they really look together. While some pairs do not easily complement an attire or two, there are also others that seem to merge with the apparel’s tailoring almost instantly. Nearly all seasoned pros relate that tan and black are the best colors to go for when shopping for ballroom dance shoes since they focus the audience’s attention on your hips and legs to give your performance an even more powerful punch.

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